One year on: This was my penultimate photograph in Bradford (my final one will feature another day!). It’s what I discovered outside our house the day we moved.  It wasn’t a rare sight. Seeing residents in the flats opposite open their patio doors and fling out their soiled nappies was one of the many things we got used to.

One of the chores my children had to do each week was litter picking in our garden. Each week they would fill at least one black bin-liner with rubbish that had blown or been thrown over our garden fence.

Last Sunday, we were in our local park. We noticed a couple of beer bottles had been left behind. We picked them up and put them in the bin.  I’ve seen others do the same.  Litter is now a rare sight.

And it’s not just the landscape that’s cleaner.  The air is to.  A few months after arriving our eldest no longer needs his daily asthma inhaler – the inhaler he’d first started using a few months after arriving in Bradford.

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