An Important Lesson About Stable Doors & Bolting Horses

As with Brexit, now with Trump. There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding from otherwise intelligent people who seem to believe that protests after the results of an election should have more credence than the actual results of an election (…well, only if the result didn’t go their way naturally).

They don’t want to dismiss with the concept of democracy altogether of course.  No, ordinary people (aka deplorables, racists, small-minded bigots, ignoramuses, etc) should be able to vote on inconsequential things like Strictly, Britain’s Got Talent and European Elections, but serious matters should only really be decided upon by people with the ‘correct’ socially-liberal attitudes – people just like themselves in fact.

Here’s the thing: The election IS the protest.  The election IS the petition.  The results are in. You lost. That’s how this democracy thing works.


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