“Terror comes; and they shall seek shalom, and there shall be none.” – Ezekiel 7 verse 25

I believe in the power of prayer more than the average person, but maybe people are praying for the wrong thing?

The Islamic genie – or spirit of Islam to be more precise – is out of the bottle (and yes Sherlock, it is to do with Islam!).  There’s no political solution that will put it back in.  [We could contain it more, but that would involve people committing the unforgivable sin … being thought of as a racist]

Instead of spending millions on “anti-extremism programs” we should be investing in missionary programs, at home and abroad. Muslims need Christ, the real Prince of Peace, to set them free, not Jihad.  The Church should be answering the prayers, not hash tagging them!

“Men will faint from fear and anxiety over what is coming upon the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” – Luke 21 verse 26

It’s the same solution for everyone else whose hearts are currently filled with fear and anxiety.  No amount of external security measures will allay your fear if there isn’t the security of heaven in your heart.  Fear God, then you don’t need to fear anything else.  As the old church slogan used to go, “No Christ, no peace.  Know Christ, know peace.”  Watch this is you want the ultimate security measure.

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