High risk of ‘unprecedented’ winter downpours – Met Office – BBC News

I know we British love nothing more than conversing about the weather, but really … a weather forecast as the TOP news story of the BBC i.e. the most important events in the world!!

They still only predict the weather for the next 7 days with something like 50% degree of accuracy, but by running a simulation 100′s of times on their new-fangled, super-duper-whizzy-supercomputer the Met Office have been able to predict rain fall for years to come (apparently there’s a 7% chance that things might be 30% “worse” or something like that)!

Yes, it’s the annual predictions of impending catastrophe from the Met Office – this year it’s rain; usually it’s heat.

In other news… the Met Office apply for continued government funding!

Incidentally, yesterday we had a family walk along the Thames in Abingdon.  I noticed markers on one of the lock-keeper houses showing the levels flood water had reached in years gone by.  Global warming Climate change seems to have started early in these parts – most of the highest floods occurred in the 19th century.

High risk of ‘unprecedented’ winter downpours – Met Office – BBC News

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