jordan peterson - carry your crossI want to personally thank the shrill, screaming illiberals of the regressive, neo-Marxist left for bringing the polymath & colossus, Jordan Peterson, to my attention and the attention of the whole wide world. “The result could very well be a resurgence of a renewed Christianity in the west”. Amen – let it be so Lord. Wouldn’t that be both wonderful and wonderfully ironic!

The usual suspects formulaically call him “divisive”, “hateful” and “racist.” The opposite is the case. He has managed the impossible feat of uniting people across genders, races, religions, and politics … Most notably, he has created a new wave of interest in Christianity. Atheists are flocking to his lectures to hear about the psychological significance of the biblical stories, and Christians – including pastors and theologians – are doing the same

Carry Your Cross – Jordan Peterson

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