1. Pro-choice is not necessarily pro-abortion. The majority of pro-choice people have never and will never have abortions.
    How do pro-life people feel when they’re called “pro-forced birth” and “anti-women’s rights” ?


    • Thanks for commenting Amanda. The video expands on it a lot more and my post will make more sense if you’ve watched it. But the context is John Oliver’s thoroughly inaccurate & grossly hypocritical condemnation of crisis pregnancy centres. He advocates for choice but only if that choice is “aborting” your baby. Charities that offer the choice of adoption or prevention or even (God forbid) supporting you to become a parent are apparently evil, sinister & dishonest if they don’t also offer abortions. Meanwhile businesses that none of these things but ONLY offer the “choice” of abortion are virtuous, benevolent & honest. Hence, “You’re not pro-choice, you’re just an abortionist”.


      • I think during a time that overpopulation is a huge burden and unwanted, the foster system is overcrowded and extremely broken, and uncared for children are rampant, it’s that type of honesty that we need more of. Less emotionally charged policies and more rational and ethical policies.

        Its not evil or necessarily bad intentioned to promote a higher birth rate, however it is irresponsible, unfair, and ignorant.


      • Exactly, and that’s the problem.
        Overpopulation, broken & crowded foster system, and the surplus of unwanted and uncared for children have to do with abortion because they are all a DIRECT result of anti-choice philosophy.

        Promoting anti-choice ideology not only makes these (and many other) issues worse, its promoting the birth and fertility rates.

        It’s like people just want to promote excessive breeding but don’t give a shit what happens to the children after they’re born; all this DESPITE all the medical research that proves no conscious or physical suffering occurs during early term abortion.


      • Thanks again for commenting. Your comments would suggest that you’ve not watched any of the video or read/understood my reply to your initial comment. Let me repeat: John Oliver criticises Crisis Pregnancy Centres because they are not “pro-choice”. He compares them unfavourably to Planned Parenthood Centres (possibly the most disingenuous misnomer of all time) who he characterises as being “pro-choice”. However Planned Parenthood offer you one choice – killing your baby. Crisis pregnancy centres offer many choices – personal support – both pre- and post-natal (yes they do “give a shit” about the mother & child beyond the pregnancy), adoption, abstinence and birth control. They also offer – for FREE – services that Planned Parenthood centres make you pay for at extortionate rates (because they fear that actually seeing and hearing your baby might change your mind about killing it). So when they say “choice” they actually mean abortion not any of the other choices. Hence the quote in my post. Hope that makes things clearer.


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