Starbucks’ Open Borders

I’ve boycotted Starbucks for many years – which hasn’t been a big sacrifice because Costa is better anyway. However now that I don’t have to make a purchase to enjoy their facilities I might have to re-think my conscientious objections. I can now enjoy their facilities with a clear conscience, safe in the knowledge that I’m not contributing a penny to their social justice campaigning.

Hats off to them for having the courage of their convictions, putting their money where their mouth is, and implementing their corporate “open borders”. No visa (or mastercard!) needed, just come on in and enjoy the land of soya milk and honeycomb.

I’m genuinely interested to see how this works out. Will it become a great big “multi-culturally” enriched utopia for purchasing & non-purchasing customers alike, or will it turn into some dystopian ghetto over run with free WiFi & toilet migrants?! Or will it settle to something in-between.

I’m watching with interest. (I’m also not sure if this is worldwide or just USA).

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