Another Christian has lost his livelihood

Daniel Davidson was an exceptional young man. Physically fit & healthy, handsome, intelligent, well read and a quick learner. He quickly rose to the highest echelons of his organisation – the most trusted adviser of the CEO.

He was also a Christian.

This latter point irked some people because … well, it just does.

So they set out to dig the dirt on him. But they couldn’t. He was squeaky clean: supremely competent, trustworthy and neither corrupt or negligent.

So they had to create some dirt. They convinced Daniel’s CEO to introduce a “Diversity & Equality” policy – it would win them accolades with Stonewall, and who doesn’t want a diverse workforce or to treat people equitably? The CEO agreed.

Daniel was smart. He knew that although the policy was entitled “Diversity & Equality”, it’s content was about conformity & iniquity. So Daniel carried on regardless, fulfilling his responsibilities with the same skill & integrity as before, in an attitude of worship to the Creator of actual diversity who loves everyone equally.

They had him. Instead of standing to attention during the raising of the LGBTQWERTY+ “Diversity and Equality” flag ceremony, he just carried on doing his job brilliantly. He was a Diversity and Equality transgressor.

They ran to the CEO.

He was thrown into a disciplinary den of hungry Diversity & Equality Officers. Unlike a pack of lions, they did not keep their moths shut. He died. Or at least his livelihood did.

The End

pride-flag-san-francisco-2015-2“Time and again, we’ll see stories of Christians cast aside for expressing orthodox Christian beliefs about marriage and the family … using the justification that this view somehow means that they can’t be trusted to treat colleagues fairly in the workplace. Yet time and again these individuals have long and established track records free of any claims of discrimination or mistreatment. Their actual record is irrelevant compared to hypothetical fears.”

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