Welcome to the Corporate Culture Wars

The #redhen fiasco happening in the States at the moment reminded me of this article on how the “liberal” left manage to ruin everything.

Like the Midas touch in reverse, every golden thing they touch turns base.

When corporations virtue signal, the social justice warriors may cheer but their audiences dwindle, their shops empty, their incomes fall. Conversely, when social justice warriors target a corporation to in order to harass them, the exact opposite outcome seems to happen (as Protein World discovered… shameless opportunity to show their disgusting, shameful, triggering advert!)

Be it churches, sports stadiums, coffee shops or elections, it seems like whenever the public are given an anonymous vote on anything – whether it’s with their feet, their wallets or their actual votes – running on a “liberal, progressive” ticket is a sure fire vote loser.

Redhen might be about to get its neck wrung.


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