IMDb: The Theory of Everything

Wow. WOW. What an incredible film. And possibly the most sublime acting performance I’ve ever seen (maybe Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man is on a par). Eddie Redmayne deserves every accolade going.

And I’m new-man enough to admit to getting moist eyes at points! Very challenging to see his wife’s fidelity to her Christian faith & her husband yet wrestle with the implications of “until death is do part”. Which in turn prompts some profound theological contemplation. Christ’s teaching about marriage and divorce are quite clear (IMHO!). Indeed, if people were bothered about divorce half as much as they are about same-sex marriage I’d probably be referred to as divorceophobic and reported for hate crimes! Yet seeing stories as moving as this it’s hard not to have your convictions challenged. Was divorce in this situation not the most compassionate – even loving – thing to do? Hmmm. No easy answers.

Anyhow. If you haven’t seen it, do!

The Theory of Everything

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