I know how Anna Soubry feels

For two-and-a-half years we have been similarly libelled as Nazis, branded by everyone from Prince Charles to the Archbishop of Canterbury to broadsheet columnists as racist, xenophobic cretins whose self-destructive vote to leave the EU has resuscitated the ‘fascist tradition’ (in the archbishop’s words).

I’ve been sworn at whilst walking my children to school. A neighbour spat outside my home every time he passed. People colluded to get me out of my job. I’m referred to by the media (and others) as an ignorant/racist/nazi continuously. But now an MP who has engaged in all the pejorative name calling; an MP with nothing but contempt for democracy and the electorate; now that this MP has been heckled and called a nazi by some boorish types, it’s now I’m supposed to be appalled?

Somebody pass me the world’s smallest violin.

(For the record, I do not believe Anna Soubry to be a nazi. Even she is too sensible to support a Socialist party. However she does give all the appearance of being an entitled, anti-democratic, federalist, EU Apparatchik – it just doesn’t fit into a chant so well!)


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