Anglican Bishops who Support Shamima Begum have no Vocabulary for Evil

At the risk of seeming like a @drjulesgomes fanboy, another fantastic exposition of the cuckolded @churchofengland #ichabod #CofE #ShaminaBegum #ISISBride

“Evil is a verboten word for the well-meaning but notably naïve ninnies who roost in the House of Bishops.

Name one bishop who has stood against the of abortion, which at the current figure of 9 million far surpasses the Holocaust? Has a single bishop said a word against the industrial-scale rape of white underage and underclass girls by Pakistani Muslim men? Could you dream of a woman bishop flying like Mary Poppins to help girls who have their clitoris chopped off? While Bishop Philip Mounstephen of Truro scribbles his Independent Review of globally persecuted Christians, is he independent enough to raise a stink over a local black man who was arrested in London for merely preaching the Bible?

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