RIP Democracy

Over 2 years ago Parliament voted overwhelmingly to enact article 50. It became UK law to leave the EU today.

By statutory instrument (ie basically a piece of paper stuck on a notice board, voted on by no-one, scrutinised by no-one, voted on by no-one, but imposed by the EU) that law is cast aside. That is how the EU works. Far from being ignorant about the EU it is remainers who seem to know next-to-nothing about the machinations of the EU. Every singe year 100’s of new laws are imposed on us by statutory instrument. Our Parliament doesn’t debate them, scrutinise them or vote on them. They are simply accepted and adopted. End of.

We had an election. We had a high court judgement. We had a parliamentary vote. All for nothing.

I hope all remainers – both friends & foe – realise the long term consequences of saying election results need not be honoured or laws set aside.

I have been on the losing side of many political votes & debates. But I value the integrity of democracy & the rule of law more than I do my own point of view. If you don’t then it gives me no pleasure in saying that you are a fool of the highest order – like Esau trading his birthright for a pot of stew.

(And here’s what I wrote 9 years ago)

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