Bad People Banned From Facebook

Hurrah. Good riddance.” I’m sure many people will say. It’s necessary to say so in order to signal that you are one of the “good guys”, someone who only posts “love speech”.

Such people are short sighted fools.

You can’t defeat ideologies by cutting out the tongues who espouse them but by changing minds & winning hearts.

If you believe “hateful” groups should be denied access to digital publishing, why not ban them from printing presses and from the royal mail? What about telephones, and pens & paper and photocopiers? Heck, even giving them access to electricity and clean water is simply enabling their hate.

Are their arguments so powerful & so persuasive that people can’t counter them? Or is that you are concerned for others – those poor uninformed masses – who won’t be able to discern truth from error like you & I can (… Brexit voters!)?

I know most people seem to want to live in a world where they can share nothing more consequential than pictures of their food/pets/children. Sorry, I don’t want to go to the hell-hole of banality

If you can’t see the danger in this accelerating erosion if free-speech (and it’s bedfellows of democracy & trial by jury) then I believe it is you who are a threat to society, and maybe it’s you who should be silenced.

Here endeth the rant.

Tonight I will be eating chicken fajitas. Pics to follow.

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