A Party Political Broadcast on Behalf of Me

1) Vote. Use it wisely. You may have voted a certain way all your life. You may really like your local candidate and they may have done many admirable things in the past. However, we are at a fulcrum in our democracy. As the old adage goes, “If nothing changes, nothing changes“. And as Einstein (apocryphally?) said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results“. Please don’t vote Lib/Lab/Con. You’ll get EXACTLY the same result you always do.
The past 3 years have brought into the light the establishment’s outright contempt for democracy and the electorate. The ONLY way to make the political parties sit up and take notice is through the ballot box. The reason we don’t need resort to bullets is because we have ballots (I thought of that … hope you like it!). So even if there isn’t an independent or an alternative party standing near you, PLEASE, spoil you ballot paper. Take some sharpies to the polling station – get creative! It would send a very powerful message if there were more spolied papers than votes for the mainstream parties!
2) You might know I am standing as a candidate for UKIP. “Boo hisss. Racist. Xenophobe. Fascist. White supremacist. Literally Hitler etc etc” All I’d ask is you read their manifesto. They are NONE of the things the mainstream media would have you believe. I reckon if you did a blind policy test most people would think it was a cross between an 1980’s Conservative and Social Democrats manifesto! [Interestingly, in blind manifesto tests I have seen from the past, a significant proportion of staunch Labour supporters chose BNP policies … oops!!! ].
I chose UKIP because I grew tired of the Lib/Lab/Con merry-go-round decades ago. I’m basically a libertarian. And on things that matter to me – democracy, patriotism, free speech, liberty, family life, traditionalism – only UKIP are prepared to take a principled stand. The LibLabCon parade all sing from the same ‘progressive’ hymn sheet. And when ALL the politicians are singing the same tune, that’s the time to be genuinely scared. And of course, when it comes to fighting for democracy, liberty, patriotism and free speech, ensuring that we leave the EU unequivocally is fundamental. So if you have a UKIP candidate near you, give them your consideration. Don’t be intimidated by the name calling. Grow a pair! And if nothing else, just tell everyone you voted Libdem. That’s the beauty of anonymous voting!
3) Just to highlight the slanderous, pernicious and treacherous depths of our media – in general – but towards UKIP and those of us with traditional conservative views in particular, please watch this video. Even a media cynic like me was shocked at just how low they would go. They have literally accused someone of advocating pedophilia when they were explicitly saying the EXACT opposite. It’s like quoting God as saying “commit adultery” by omitting “Thou shall not”. But it gets worse because they manage to splice 4 different quotes from different occasions into one single quote, literally reversing the original intent of each of the 4 quotes. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. Consider everything they say as false unless corroborated by at least 3 other independent, reliable witnesses (… which is the Biblical standard of proof).
Thanks for your time. Your normal schedule of funny memes and pictures of children/pets/food will now be resumed!

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