Lord Save Us From the BBC

If you search for “Lent Talks 2020” – as I did the other day – seeking something suitably insightful, inspiring & edifying; something that will deepen your appreciation for & adoration of the Lord Jesus, then near the top of the results you’ll find the BBC lent talks.

So far, so good. Sounds promising. Then you click on the link.

Oh for the love of God, is there no sanctuary from the infernal LGBTQWERTY+ identity-politics proselytising?

At least there is a morsel of comfort knowing that I didn’t contribute to it financially.

I ended up listening to this instead: Your [sic] Eating From The Wrong Tree (Pastor Chris Hodges). Not strictly speaking a Lent talk, but it was definitely a timely (and timeless) message for me. Go give it a listen. Especially if – like mine – your relationship with our loving saviour has become rather perfunctory & cerebral.

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