The Brainwashing Continues

The assault on truth continues by eroding the very foundation of reasoning – coherent language.

“Marriage”, “male” and “female” are the highest profile casualties. Now it’s “family” which means whatever you want it to mean. Apparently it too has no biological basis, divorced from kinship, and marriage is irrelevant. There is no normal and all are equal. In fact the defining characteristic is who you eat with – preferably involving McCain oven chips!

There are a number of “progressive” trends in advertising at the moment How many can you spot? Leave me a comment.

[Update: Excellent deconstruction of the social engineering in advertising by Paul Joseph Watson here]

One comment

  1. All, as you know, are not brainwashing. We are born with understanding, then quickly, elements come in from all sources to convince us out of that understanding, sometimes in the name of fairness, acceptance, equality, and kindness. What is real, we know, intuitively. And when we live by understanding, by reality, the health of families and a country blossom.


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