Bubba Wallace and the wave of dubious hate – spiked

Q: When is a crime not a crime?

A: When it is a hate crime.

To anyone with even the slightest concern for law & justice, the mere notion of “hate crimes” is an Orwellian anathema. Why crimes allegedly motivated by “hate” are any more grievous than the same crimes when motivated by lust, anger, greed, jealousy, malice or just plain stupidity is beyond me. The very premise of “hate” crimes is fallacious. Conceptually, “hate” crimes are “fake”.

(The fact that the claims of “hate” need to be neither proved, substantiated or objectively defined should also perturb anyone of reasonable mind. But in the world of “woke progressives” reasonable minds are conspicuously absent minds.)

Furthermore “hate” crimes are – as often as not – as spurious as they are superfluous. Until there are at least three sources of independent, corroborating evidence to support the occurrence of a “hate crime” then it is safe to bet it is in fact a literal “fake crime”.

The libtards demand for “hate” massively outstrips the natural supply. So in an ironic twist they have turned to capitalism and created a whole manufacturing industry to produce counterfeit “hate crimes” in order to meet the shortfall.

The industry is so fast moving that the account discussed in the article featured below has already been superceded by some other fantastic and fantastical examples of the “fake crime” genre.

[See also Pallywood for the original, specialised producer in the “fake crime” format]


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