Covid Censorship

I haven’t watched this video – of highly qualified medical staff discussing the covid pandemic – yet (Edit 08/08/20: I have now! See below). And the probability is you haven’t either, because every big tech firm is trying to make sure you can’t.

Which is why I fully intend to watch it.

I don’t know if I’ll agree with the content or not. But I’d rather decide that for myself than have the likes of Zuckerberg decide for me.

Thank goodness for

*** UPDATE *** I’ve watched it. There are several points…

  • Some of it seems a little quakery (sorry, but the Nigerian Dr might be right but come across a little hysterical and so detracts from the more calm/reasoned contributions)
  • Most of it seems entirely reasonable & plausible – both the medical & social arguments. Lots I agree with wholeheartedly, and the remainder is worthy of further researching.
  • None of it is deserves being censored. The censorship is definitely more alarming and harmful than anything in the video.

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