Our Chance to Move Beyond Cancel Culture Together – Gab News

We need to turn to each other and ignore politicians who offer nothing but more of the same empty rhetoric.

We must seek out honest and objective journalists as well as new alternative media platforms.

We must leave technology platforms that censor us and tell us what to think.

We need to reclaim the Internet as a place of free speech and open dialogue.

We need to vote with both our feet and also with our wallets to support new, open and decentralized solutions to the establishment power structures across media, technology, education, and politics.  

Andrew Torba

Ditch Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Get on Gab.

Ditch WhatsApp. Get on Telegram.

Ditch Chrome. Use Brave.

Ditch Google. Use DuckDuckGo.

Ditch Gmail. Use ProtonMail.

Ditch Messenger. Use Signal.


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