Why Do SJW’s Hate Christianity?

Just discovered this excellent new blog. Lots of great articles. Here’s one for starters

A Grain of Sand

One of the more alarming, and illustrative, videosto emerge from the chaos sweeping the USA shows apackofragingBLM activistssurrounding a young womanoutside aWashington restaurant. Themobareattemptingto intimidate her byscreaming in her face because she refusesto raise her fist in solidarity with their chants that ‘white silence is violence’.

See the source image
Lauren B Victor haranuged by BLM mob

Around 11seconds intothe video, one of the aggressive rabblejabs with her finger and begins yelling, ‘Are you a Christian? Are you a Christian?’In their eyes, being a Christian is a potential cause of someone refusing to go along with their demands.Being a Christian is seen as a cause for offence by the mob.They didn’tyell, ‘Are you a Muslim?’ or ‘Are you a Hindu?’ Nor did they makeanynon-religiousaccusationssuch as, ‘Are you a racist?’or ‘Are you a Republican?’

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