Get Out. Stay Out. Call 777.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the smoke detectors in your house shrieking and the choking smell of thick, acrid smoke.

I consider the content of the attached discussions to have the same sense of urgency. Without a doubt the most important & prescient subject I’ve faced in my lifetime as a Christian – how the church in the West is sleep walking into a rapidly emerging totalitarianism and the lessons we can learn from the church behind the Iron Curtain.

Both interviews cover almost identical ground, but the first is more “tabloid” (Daily Express / anecdotal / informal) the second more “broadsheet” (The Times / analytical / detailed)

Listen to either. Or better still, both – as I did. They each shine a different shade of light on the issue.

I’m not sure there’s much we can do now to save the house or possessions from the flames: when the fire engines are needed, you’re well beyond the waft-a-tea-towel-at-the-smoke-detector stage! But we can still escape with our lives & the lives of our loved ones, and be reminded of what’s truly of value.

Please listen and let me know your thoughts. I’m particularly keen to hear from anyone interested in the idea of “resistant cells” (as mentioned in the 2nd video)

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