Remember Ashli Babbitt.

So, a month after the events at the Capitol, what conclusions have I come to?

  1. An unarmed, otherwise law-abiding, military veteran and white woman – Ashli Babbitt – was needlessly & recklessly killed by a black police officer. (The skin colour of both the victim and perpetrator are irrelevant to me but they are to others – see #3)
  1. There was no “riot” or “insurrection” on that day. If arson, looting, vandalism, thuggery, intimidation, wanton violence and murder can all be classified as “peaceful protest” (again – see #3) then what we witnessed in the Capitol was a carnival.
  1. The ‘progressive’, far-left Democrats, their party apparatchiks and their Main Stream Media allies are sickening, lying hypocrites par excellence.
  1. Establishment politicians and crony institutions are largely ruled by spineless, mob-appeasing cowards of the magnitude of Pontius Pilate.
  1. Black Lives Matter is an evil organisation with absolutely no redeeming attributes. It currently has the same social & political kudos that the KKK enjoyed in its heyday, and one day soon it will hopefully be viewed with the same revulsion. Why not just jump to the revulsion?

I think that about sums it up.

To check if I’ve missed anything out, you can read (and weep at) this whole, sobering article here.

RIP Ashli Babbitt.

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