Two (and a half!) Considerations For Lent

It’s Shrove Tuesday (or pancake Tuesday depending on your religious/secular inclinations)! Which means the season of Lent is about to begin – a time where I like to take up the challenge Jesus set his followers to ‘deny themselves and follow Him‘. Whilst contemplating what this should be for me this year I happened to listen to this short message

I’m telling you this for two (and a half!) reasons.

  • First, if you don’t normally challenge yourself over lent, or haven’t decided how to challenge yourself, maybe the message might help you as it did me. I liked the analogy of ‘fire extinguishers’ versus ‘fuel for the fire’. A useful exercise not only for spiritual health & growth but physically, mentally, emotionally too.
  • Second, a ‘fire extinguisher’ for me is my smart phone. So I’m swapping it for a dumb phone over lent. Which means I’m not going to be able to receive or respond to anything other than phone calls or txt messages – so don’t think I’m being rude or ignorant! And in all honesty, I’m unlikely to even reply to txt messages (you’ve probably forgotten just how long that takes on an old phone!) So best to call me or email me.
  • Second (and a half!), half because this bit will only be applicable to some of you.

    Some vital “fuel for the fire” is sharing in Holy Communion. I have no intention of being denied the ability to participate in Holy Communion this Easter Sunday. And I don’t mean some “virtual” Communion, but real-life, in-the-flesh, socially-connected, kind of Communion.

    I will “render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar,” but I will also “render unto God what belongs to God“. And celebrating my Lord’s ultimate sacrifice on the cross and His victory over the powers of death & hell is an act of obedience & worship, and definitely in the camp of “belonging to God.” No tyrannical government, or complicit church, or personal cowardice will prevent me from taking my “vaccine” against sin, shame & death this Easter. If you feel the same then please email me to let me know and we can break bread together.

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