Counter Propaganda and Middle-Class Mobs

You’d think after 18 months of unrelenting news coverage & unfettered publicity, and with the epidemic in retreat, they’d start to lighten up on the Covid19 propaganda “public health information”. Instead it just goes on proliferating. (The government have just signed a £320million covid19 advertising contract to keep the ‘information’ flowing until at least March 2022). For such a deadly & virulent disease it sure seems to need a lot of hype & marketing: a literal viral marketing campaign.

It is pretty much impossible to find any public space, or any social media platform, or any media outlet, or any government institution, or any corporate conglomerate ANYWHERE that isn’t unequivocally pushing the “official narrative”: lock yourself in; cover your face; keep your distance; be afraid; take the vaccine; obey your masters. Relentlessly. Incessantly. Invasively. It is unavoidable & ubiquitous. Try to evade it if you can. I guarantee you won’t go more than a few hundred meters in an urban area, or a few paces in a supermarket, or one advert break in the media, without confronting some covid PR. Even if you escape to a secluded rural oasis you might avoid the official PR but it won’t be too long before you see a masked sheeple – walking billboards – reminding you of the mortal danger you’re in and your obligation to comply.

Then there’s the strange situation regarding those bastions of accountability for democratic governments: political opponents & journalists. What has happened to them to make them so utterly & inexplicably supine? They never question the underlying tenets of the official line: is the disease really as deadly as stated? Do masks/lockdowns/anti-social distancing actually work? Are the measures proportionate to the risk? Are the experimental remedies safe? If so, prove any of it. Instead they simply accept them as articles of faith, and are content to “debate” the practicalities instead: are the measures going fast enough, far enough, long enough, draconian enough? As Julian Assange reminds us, The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion but to allow a very lively debate within a narrow section of that spectrum. Oh, and of course, absolutely none of them dares commit heresy by questioning the dogma of scientist infallibility.

Thankfully – in the face of such impotent opposition – at least we have absolute confidence that the official narrative is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! Any alternative narratives are all lies, misinformation and nothing but “conspiracy theories”. We know this because we have “independent fact censors checkers” to tell us so! That these “independent fact checkers” are in thrall to the same opinion-formers who actively promoted the official narrative in the first place is purely coincidental! [Who was the biggest buyer of advertising in the UK in 2020? The UK government! And see my first paragraph to get a prediction for 2021!]

Even with all these measures in place, the general public – unlike the scrupulously discerning journalists, politicians & scientists – can still be easily duped (…always remember, 52% of the plebs squandered the opportunity of utopia because of something written on the side of a bus that they never saw!) So, to protect our impressionable minds, every counter-narrative is actively suppressed & censored, every non-conforming Facebook group is closed, every dissenting YouTube video deleted, every critical Twitter account suspended, every public protest disrupted or unreported, every opposing expert ostracized or maligned. Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” is alive and well and located somewhere in San Francisco.

What power do dissident voices have against the virtual omnipotence of the state allied with Google, Facebook, Twitter, every other big-tech company, and every global corporate enterprise from Amazon to Zoom; against the omnipresence of a limitless, global marketing campaign; against the self-declared omniscience of the arbiters of truth – the “fact checking” gate-keepers? What can us mere mortals possibly do to resist and counteract?

My suggestion: go smaller, low-tech & personal. Leaflets delivered door-to-door. Stickers. Individual conversations. Remove your mask. Switch off the news. Tear down the hazard tape & propaganda posters. Boycott the bullies. It was a stone & slingshot that the shepherd boy, David, used to defeat the heavily armed, professional soldier, Goliath. And, like David, we can confidently say, I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty … for the battle is the Lord’s. Truth IS on our side.

I’m an activist not just a theorist. Never let it be said that I won’t put my money (or time or energy or livelihood or reputation) where my mouth is:

  • I recently received a final written warning from my employer for removing some of their ubiquitous, oppressive covid propaganda – which had turned my workplace into something more akin to a brainwashing cult or re-education camp. Other government propaganda has been removed from other public places.
  • I no longer wear a useless face nappy, nowhere and for no-one – resulting in me facing several management interrogations at work, the usual disapproving looks from sheeple and – most recently – an attempt by one of the middle-class mob (see below) to get me into trouble with a client I do private contract work for.
  • I was subjected to a Facebook pile-on by middle-class mobsters for having the audacity to produce my own counter-propaganda (attached below) and post it through their doors. I’m already battle-hardened to this after my Brexit leaflets provoked a similar reaction from the same people. Their tactics remain the same (Facebook outrage, cry-bully complaints to employers & clients, verbal threats & insults) but the rhetoric is slightly different. (Then it was “racist, bigot, xenophobe”. Now it’s “conspiracy theorist, mentally disturbed, dangerous menace”!) These people are so well insulated inside an echo-chamber of their own making (blissfully unaware that their rabid reaction to alternative views is the exact reason why they never hear anybody dare express them!) that exposure to these views is genuinely traumatic for them. There is palpable shock & disbelief when they discover that their views are not universally held. Their hysterical reaction to the Brexit outcome was testimony to that – imagine discovering not only do some people not share your views, but your views are actually the minority! Hence their approval of all the propaganda and PSYOP tactics being employed by the authorities this time round – they don’t want to risk that happening again. Sadly, they are so utterly convinced and enthralled by the fear-mongering message they endorse, that their reaction to Covid non-conformity is even more extreme than to Brexiteers: they fear that our message might literally kill them (not “them” of course, their concern is always for “others”).

If you are one of the “silent majority” (or even the “silent minority”) – don’t be silent any longer. Your silent obedience is considered as agreement & consent by the authorities and their apparatchiks. It is very telling how often the survivors of the gulags would share the same lament: “Why did we let things get so far before we acted”. Act NOW! Speak out NOW! Resist NOW! My counter-propaganda leaflets are below and are freely available for you to download and make use of. Or contact me if you’d like editable versions to personalise. If you want to avoid conflict or a Facebook pile-on then you can always leave them in shops, toilets, public transport etc rather than delivering door-to-door. But you need to act small to get under the big-tech, big-government radar.

Freedom and Slavery (front) – Download here
Freedom v Slavery (back) – Download here
Media is the virus (front) – Download here
Media is the virus (back) – Download here
Totalitarianism (front) – Download here
Totalitarianism (back) – Download here
Vaccinations (front) – Download here
Vaccinations (back) – Download here

[Thank you to the excellent cartoons of The Daily Llama]

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