Behind the Scenes at a CofE Strategy Meeting

The above image is what I can only conclude must happen at many of the upper echelons of CofE planning & strategy meetings. As the atheist writer of this article jokes, “It’s a long-standing joke that the Church of England exists largely to remove any idea of religion from our national life.”

Church schools were (and still are in many instances) one of the few remaining jewels in the CofE’s crown. In an increasingly hostile secular world, they should be developing strategies on how their schools can robustly bolster, cherish & protect the divine opportunities provided to nurture faith in Jesus Christ and produce disciples. Sadly they more-often-than-not seem hell-bent (a verb deliberately chosen) to diminish, dilute and discourage them.

If the Daily Telegraph article overstates the severity of the CofE’s “Statement of Entitlement and Expectation” (which for the most part is typically CofE : eminently ‘reasonable’, bland & platitudinous) it’s also fair to say the CofE understates the uniqueness and supremacy of a Christ-centric education. It is for His glory and honour their schools should primarily exist, and it is His glory and honour that Collective Worship should especially espouse. Instead you get the impression that they believe Christ Himself should be subservient to the demands of the unholy trinity of inclusivity, diversity & equality. [“Collective worship should validate, embrace and celebrate all protected characteristics.” … er, no it shouldn’t!]

Another open-goal missed. Another self-inflicted wound. Another nail in the coffin?

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