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What has made me at times sick to my stomach is when I have brought up Pakistani rape gangs to people and they just shrug it off like it’s nothing.

They say it’s just exaggerated by racists and seem more offended by you mentioning the issue, than the issue itself…

I still find it mind boggling. I talked to Peruvians about this and how we get accused as being racist if we bring it up. To them it makes no sense, if foreign gangs started raping their girls they would kill them and the police would probably turn a blind eye.

I lived in Leicester when the English became the minority. This was back in 2007 around. Me and my friends were constantly called names when going to the shops or out in the town.

It’s almost as if we have just accepted this abuse and we have been so psychologically manipulated we feel guilty when we question it. I know back then when I was starting wondering why Leicester felt more like Pakistan than England I would instantly be filled with guilt and would try and bury my intuitive feelings…

But after 3 years in that environment I couldn’t leave that experience believing the lie that diversity is a strength. I saw with my own eyes how mass importing people into a land they have no ancestral connection with destroys the landscape. They have no idea how to look after it, only to be dependent upon the system that brought them there.

They bring their cultural issues, and sadly rape and pedophilia are part of some of these cultures, even if many pretend it’s not, it is.

And over educated middle upper class types pretend this is a non issue, they care more about appearing virtuous with their hollow globalist think tank inspired mentality than they do about their own people.

The working class girls, the natives who have to grow up in hostile multicultural urbanized environments. They are the ones on the front lines of these lies. Growing up myself in this environment I know multiculturalism is just a tool to control the mass because all peoples are tribal at heart and in these environments mostly everyone sticks to their own. And over time gangs rule the streets because there is no trust.

Being a guest in the Andes amongst an ethnically homogeneous society I saw just how things once were for my own people. Where little kids played free in the landscape and big extended families and communities trusted each other.

I didn’t realize just how much we had lost till I left the west and reflected while spending time with a very traditional people. But everything is what it is, for reasons out of our comprehension. Sometimes you have to loose something to understand what you had and in that grief you can rebuild.
By: via SoulTsunami

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