Day 136 New Testament

Today… Someone who isn’t intimidated by the authorities (unlike his parents, who realise they close the accounts of people expressing the wrong opinions!) speaks without the expected deference! He’s dismissed as an ignorant bigot! “One thing I do know, I was blind but now I see”. We overcome by the blood of the lamb and […]

Day 92 New Testament

Today…  Feeding 5k+. Helps to visualise the numbers – somewhere between 5+ secondary schools and Wimbledon centre court. Time taken and logistics. Feeding the hungry requires raw materials (just the bare minimum), faith, organisation & Jesus!  Eternity v mortality. Get a proper perspective. (v23-27)

Day 94 New Testament

Today…  The T&Cs from Jesus’ recruitment &  human resources manual! The interview is tough, the costs are high, the equipment non-existent, but the job satisfaction is huge (v17)!  “Eat & drink whatever is offered to you” x2 Jesus’ joy at seeing His “deplorables”  succeed in the face of the elites & the establishment

Day 93 New Testament

Today…  A glimpse of Jesus without the “human costume”  A tormented child and a carefree child – both become object lessons of the games of God.  “Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem”. Strange incident with the Samaritan village –  John gets ideas above his station…  Power corrupts. 

Day 91 New Testament

Today…  The woman who was bleeding… “life” ebbing away.  Jesus makes Himself the laughing stock at a funeral – but He had the last laugh!  Instructions for the apprentices on their task Herod is perplexed & curious. Jesus doesn’t court the prestige

Day 90 New Testament

Today…  Jesus’ extended family. Shared missiology >= shared biology?  Set free from the mob to become a missionary…  incarnational or itinerant? Jesus knows best

Day 89 New Testament

Today…  Jesus’ female entourage – including those in high places The rationale of parables: they require work & investment. (Is this why the ‘good news for the poor’ is so often ineffectual amongst our poor? They are no longer used to the value that comes from work? = seed on the path) 

Day 86 New Testament

Today…  Practical examples of the given role… Judging, condemning, forgiving.  Measurements. Splinters. Planks.  Words of foundation. Words of authority. Words of power. Say the word and….

Day 85 New Testament

Today…  Apostles versus disciples. Who did & didn’t make the cut? “Thank you for your application. Sorry, you have been unsuccessful this time!“.  Woe is me Jesus’ extremist manefesto.