Day 84 New Testament

Today…  Old versus New. Antiques & classics… all were new once. Don’t put your antiques in a new build home?  Fasting versus feasting. Blessed are those who hunger & thirst  for… 

Day 83 New Testament

Today… “Who does this mean think he is – God?”. Er, yep! Jesus hangs out with Tommy Robinson/drug dealers/Gerry Adams/[insert your own sinners here!].  Not bothered about “reputations damage” or “guilt  by association”.  (NB tax collectors, not tax avoiders = sinners!)

Day 81 New Testament

Today…  Jesus self-assuredly (Spirit-assuredly!) declares His calling.  The local villagers don’t appreciate having a young up-start!  Divine protection from the mob. (cf Wesley) 

Day 77 New Testament

Today…  As M&J do what the law requires, the Holy Spirit moves. The law & the spirit.  The old & the new – Simeon & Anna, longevity & faithfulness but open & gracious enough to see the promise of the new, even in the most lowly & unexpected.  A player for every child of Christian […]

Day 72 New Testament

Today…  So begins Luke’s “orderly account”  “In the time of king Herod” – re: Rob Bell Christmas sermons JtB – called from conception

Day 71 New Testament

Today…  The end of Mark’s gospel.  The greatest day in history, death is beaten, you have rescued  me. Shout it out Jesus is alive.  Women take the initiative – even though they’ve not thought it all  through. But This has already dealt with the obstacles.  “And Peter”. Thank you Lord – a word in season […]

Day 68 New Testament

Today Kangaroo courts & show trials. The importance of due process and an uncorrup law & justice system (re Ted Talk by IJM  founder)  Dignity in the face of humiliation & cruelty

Day 67 New Testament

Today…  Communion of the Saints (and a devil in disguise)  The loneliness of Gethsemane Watching & praying – the reality of the parable from day 66?