Smelly Elvis Lives

bazzMuch as I dislike driving traffic to The Guardian, this article is well worth a read:

I first met Barry just after he’d become a Christian and got involved in the children’s ministry I headed up  (…his first role was to play the part of “Smelly Elvis”!).  Proud to see him go from strength to strength, or – more accurately – from weakness to strength; from brokenness to wholeness; from hopelessness to hopefulness; from debt to solvent; and from death to life.

Divorceophobia – A Load of Old Bolsheviks.

leninNot a lot of people know that in the Russian revolution 100 years ago, one of Lenin’s key agendas was the abolition of the family.

He set about this in several ways: first he introduced “marriage equality” – making registered & unregistered marriages ‘equal’. (sound familiar?). Then he separated child rearing from marriage by removing the concept of illegitimacy and introducing abortion on demand (sound familiar?). The other significant step was “no fault divorce”. Basically, one party could say “I want a divorce” and it was granted. (I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee … job done. Sound familiar?).

Of course, all these changes were justified on the grounds of compassion and liberation from the oppressive & outdated institution. Only cruel, old-fashioned people would oppose them.

The abolition of marriage in all but name had such devastating, catastrophic social effects that within one generation Stalin – yes, Stalin, of all people – decided he needed to completely reverse all of Lenin’s policies.

Of course, being students of history and being more enlightened our governments would never do anything so foolish. Who in their right mind would dream of enacting all these changes … in one fell swoop. See, surely that was Lenin’s mistake – doing it all at once! Much better to being about the abolition of the family incrementally.

Pretty much the only piece of Lenin’s ideology that hasn’t yet been introduced over the course of the past 2 generations in the UK is “no fault divorce”. But that is the governments’ latest proposal.

I know the topic of same-sex ‘marriage’ got a lot of us very exercised, but no-fault divorce is probably even more of a nail in the coffin for marriage. PLEASE RESPOND TO THE GOVERNMENTS CONSULTATION. There’s just 48 hours left to respond. There are some helpful guidelines here.

Thank you.

The Ghost of Brexit Lost

To those generous but deluded souls who say Mrs. Dismay ‘has done her best in a very difficult situation’, I say ‘No, she has not.’ She has done her very best for Brussels, and they are delighted. What Mrs. Dismay has done is to negate democracy.

So, as the gruel of lily-livered capitulation is forced down the throats of those starving for democracy and the well-heeled pussycat shoe stamps on the face of the electorate forever, I bid all you citizens of Airstrip One good night.

A Tale of Two Migrants

“The Australian Government’s policy is to keep all the jihadists at home so the only infidels they can kill are the locals.

lunatic government policies that insist everybody on the planet is entirely the same and that to attempt to distinguish between any of the seven billion potential immigrants to your country is totally racist.

Mr Malaspina’s life in Australia was an immigrant’s dream that ended in nightmare – because of the choices the west’s political class has made, and… whether you vote left or right, nothing ever seems to change on that front.

If I Were a Betting Man

Don’t let the fact that I was on the right side for Brexit & Trump & GBBO unduly influence you, but if you were the sort of person who wanted to make some easy money, I’d take a punt on The Republicans making impressive gains in the USA mid term elections.

I think ordinary, keep-your-head-down voters are utterly sick to death of sanctimonious actors, talk show hosts and rock stars telling them they’re racist, sexist, closed-minded, thick, hateful bigots. I think they’re tired of the relentless & unashamedly biased mainstream media publish hit-pieces, half-truths and down right lies when it so blatantly contradicts what they can see with their own eyes. And I think they’re weary of shrill, shrieking, aggressive, foul-mouthed, genuinely hate-filled “activists” who call what is good, evil, and what is evil, good.

So, quietly and calmly, they’ll do the only thing they can do to make themselves heard – walk into a polling booth and give the Vs to the lot of them by putting an X in the Republican box.

Will the celebs, media & activists learn? If the past 2 years of Trump & Brexit are any indicator then I very much doubt it. They’ll think it means they didn’t insult enough, patronise enough or be underhand enough. They’ll blame democracy itself. You can be sure the only people they won’t blame are themselves.

Praying & predicting a #RedWave. God bless America. God bless Trump.