The demand for bigots exceeds the supply

love-trumps-hate2The promotion of the grievance industry has got to have been one of the most pernicious, socially divisive movements of my lifetime. The ever expanding snare of “hate” legislation has had exactly the opposite effect of the one intended, but precisely the effect that so many of us predicted. Rather than bringing about tolerance & understanding it has simply fuelled mistrust & a sense of entitled victimhood. It has spawned it’s ugly, inbred sibling – identity politics.

This insightful article lays it all bare.

Twitter’s outrageous meddling in British democracy – spiked

Britain’s chattering classes have been fretting over Silicon Valley’s alleged stranglehold over political life. Letting their imaginations run far ahead of the evidenceAnd yet now, amid all this hyperbole, we have a real and clear instance of Silicon Valley meddling in British politics and these people have suddenly gone very quiet.

Watch “Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee!! 🔥”

@realcandaceo. Smart. Articulate. Passionate. Successful. Influential. Conservative. Christian. Oh, and female. And black.

There can only be ONE conclusion. She must be a race traitor!

Or, maybe, is this what MLK was dreaming was possible when you don’t judge anyone (including yourself) by the colour of their skin. Then the content of your character can shine.

RIP Democracy

Over 2 years ago Parliament voted overwhelmingly to enact article 50. It became UK law to leave the EU today.

By statutory instrument (ie basically a piece of paper stuck on a notice board, voted on by no-one, scrutinised by no-one, voted on by no-one, but imposed by the EU) that law is cast aside. That is how the EU works. Far from being ignorant about the EU it is remainers who seem to know next-to-nothing about the machinations of the EU. Every singe year 100’s of new laws are imposed on us by statutory instrument. Our Parliament doesn’t debate them, scrutinise them or vote on them. They are simply accepted and adopted. End of.

We had an election. We had a high court judgement. We had a parliamentary vote. All for nothing.

I hope all remainers – both friends & foe – realise the long term consequences of saying election results need not be honoured or laws set aside.

I have been on the losing side of many political votes & debates. But I value the integrity of democracy & the rule of law more than I do my own point of view. If you don’t then it gives me no pleasure in saying that you are a fool of the highest order – like Esau trading his birthright for a pot of stew.

(And here’s what I wrote 9 years ago)

Theresa May is a chicken who’s bottled Brexit. The only way forward is to come out of the EU now

Boris uses the metaphor that’s long been on my heart,

“It is time for the PM to channel the spirit of Moses in Exodus, and say to Pharaoh in Brussels – LET MY PEOPLE GO.”

We are at the shores of the Red Sea with the furious chariots of the Remainer army bearing down on us. Where is our Moses? Who will be our Joshua?

The only one I can possibly imagine commanding enough Godly authority & faith is Her Majesty herself. Raise your staff Ma’am!