Andrew Breitbart said ‘Politics is downstream of culture’ meaning that the culture shapes politics and that social conservatives should concentrate on the culture. What many Christians do not appreciate is that before the culture comes the faith which shapes how we think and live. Culture is downstream of faith. We speak of a culture war, […]

Why Do SJW’s Hate Christianity?

Originally posted on A Grain of Sand:
One of the more alarming, and illustrative, videos?to emerge from the chaos sweeping the USA shows a?pack?of?raging?BLM activists?surrounding a young woman?outside a?Washington restaurant. The?mob?are?attempting?to intimidate her by?screaming in her face because she refuses?to raise her fist in solidarity with their chants that ‘white silence is violence’. Lauren B…

Planes, Trains and Asinine sermons

If your sermon could be preached at a local mosque or synagogue, it is not authentically Christian. If you only mention Jesus in such a way as a Muslim could agree with everything you say, you have not preached a Christian sermon… Planes, Trains and Asinine sermons

IMDb: Green Book

A serious subject treated seriously, but with humour and without lecturing or profanity. Challenging. Entertaining. Moving. Brilliant. Watch it! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6966692/ Coincidentally, currently reading this… Lord, we need his sermons now more than ever. How on earth have we got to the state where we are now more concerned about the colour of a person’s skin […]

Vehicularphobia. Now it feels like Christmas

Ah, Christmas.  Nothing says peace & goodwill to all men (and women, and other) like concrete barriers, metal detectors and police with fully automatic machine guns. It seems people have no problems with strong, secure borders, protected by walls and armed police.  But only round Christmas markets … and bridges, and pretty much any public […]

Fake News Media Has Been Thunderstruck.

With a UK General Election next week, and absolutely no one I can vote for, how I wish we had a Trump. So here’s a video to brighten every conservative’s (small ‘c’) day. “Their agenda is not your agenda.” — President Donald J. Trump (And if you want more, here’s another great fan-created campaign video from […]

Why No Christian Should Vote for Labour or the (il)Liberal (anti)Democrats.

Just as the Chief Rabbi has strongly cautioned the Jewish community against voting for a Labour party lead by someone with, shall we say, “anti-semitic sympathies”  (as true socialists have a proclivity to be), so this letter clearly lays out why the Bishops should warn every disciple of Christ against voting for the unbridled wickedness proposed […]