A Response to Brendan O’Neill

This is the one simultaneously simple and profound reason why babies must have access to birth; because if a baby does not have dominion over their own existence then he or she is not a free person. If sentient, sane babies are made to die against their will – whether through poisoning or dismembering – then they do not enjoy ANYTHING. Instead they are beholden to others, to the moralism and diktat of those who presume to know better than they will what should become of their bodies, minds and existence. The right to life is essential to every other right as death is final. The right to be born is sovereign.

Jordan Peterson Meets Maajid Nawaz: The Full Interview

Once again the polymath colossus that is @jordanbpeterson lays out with crystal clarity and forensic analysis everything that is wrong with regressive, far-left’s narrative of the world – everything from the gender pay gap, gender pronouns, masculinity v feminism et al. And for once, a fair and well conducted interview. Well done Maajid Nawaz (… though a shame that a professional broadcaster doesn’t know the importance of speaking into the microphone!)

Should be compulsory viewing for anyone age 10+. My children will all be watching it.

Sermons from the King

Sometimes it’s hard to put emotions into words. Today was one of those days.
I had the opportunity to visit the church – and visitor centre – of Martin Luther King jnr. What an incredible, anointed & courageous servant of Christ. 
There are so many profound words and stories that I could quote & reflect on. And I’ll definitely share more when I’m back home. But for today it’s enough to record that I went away truly humbled; moved to tears by many of the things I read & saw; knowing that I had been in the arena of the sublime. I guess it must be something like the experience people express after visiting the Holy Land, or even (inversely)  when they visit Auschwitz. 

For now I’m looking forward to reading the book of his sermons.  The depth of his love & devotion to his saviour (and mine) is unmistakable. He may be known for his civil rights achievements, but he was first & foremost a servant of the Lord most high. 

Golden Graham’s

“​Someday you will read or hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don’t you believe a word of it. I shall be more alive than I am now. I will just have changed my address. I will have gone into the presence of God.”

(… though probably originally by DL Moody – about himself, not Billy  Graham!) 

IMDb: Catch-22

Possibly my favourite book (though with the most disappointing ending), turned into one of my last favorite films. 

I know that the pace of films has increased exponetially since 1970 but this felt like 5 hours not 2. And I used to laugh out loud almost every page (annoying everyone in the room), whereas I didn’t laugh once in the entire film. 

Wondered how they could make the rather unique, eccentric story telling of the book into a film. Now I know the answer. They couldn’t.