Glass Dwelling Stone Thrower

One of those who made complaints “raised concerns” about me had their own twitter account. It was a public account. I discovered it through the schools’ own twitter account.

Below is a selection of their content, all made in the same time period they were complaining “raising concerns” about my social media output contravening “British Values“.

My social media is still publicly available. All of it. I have never hidden or deleted any of it (not even the tweet I was told to delete because of the “reputational risk” it caused the school in question!)

This senior professional deleted their account after being alerted to the fact I was aware of its content. They could have made it private (like one of their other twitter accounts)  but instead they chose to delete it.

Here’s an interesting anomaly to consider: even when I brought this blatantly alarming & inappropriate material to the attention of the Local Authority Safeguarding department, the person concerned wasn’t investigated for safeguarding concerns as I was. It’s almost as if there’s an innate bias against certain social & political points of view. Hmmm….

The “Adults Only” article featuring 100’s of explicit “dick pics”

The video of a racist making the same racially charged comments that got them sacked from their roles with the Labour Party and L’Oreal Cosmetics.

The intolerant, belittling views towards the democratic majority, and a video of an expletive & pejorative laden diatribe.

The one where the largest democratically elected party in Northern Ireland, and social conservatives are called extremist & barbaric.

The one where a flippant, irreverent remark about the most revered person of Islam Christianity is given a “like”

The socially conservative majority of voters in a territory of the UK are close minded & intolerant

The religious intolerance towards a renowned and reputable charity based on completely untrue misinformation from a Humanist pressure group.


The one where a clearly identifiable special needs child is discussed because they are “messing up” performance data.


The one where they start a new twitter account “for professional reasons” after being tipped off.