Calm down! Your freedom of speech is not under threat | Spectator USA

Godfrey Elfwick is quite simply the grand master of satire! I’m glad twitter banned him – we can’t have people laughing at our glorious, sanctimonious, supercilious, virtue-signalling overlords of the interweb willy-nilly. He needs to be made an example of.

Anyone who has almost every aspect of their online life taken away from them is not ‘silenced’. They are still perfectly free to send letters and postcards to people (for now). There is absolutely nothing stopping them from using CB radio, or sending a telegraph. … Tommy Robinson could scribble his racist views on scraps of paper, fold them up, insert them into bottles (not plastic) and hurl them into the sea for his fellow Islamophobes to discover while walking their pitbull terriers on the beach.

Anglican Bishops who Support Shamima Begum have no Vocabulary for Evil

At the risk of seeming like a @drjulesgomes fanboy, another fantastic exposition of the cuckolded @churchofengland #ichabod #CofE #ShaminaBegum #ISISBride

“Evil is a verboten word for the well-meaning but notably naïve ninnies who roost in the House of Bishops.

Name one bishop who has stood against the of abortion, which at the current figure of 9 million far surpasses the Holocaust? Has a single bishop said a word against the industrial-scale rape of white underage and underclass girls by Pakistani Muslim men? Could you dream of a woman bishop flying like Mary Poppins to help girls who have their clitoris chopped off? While Bishop Philip Mounstephen of Truro scribbles his Independent Review of globally persecuted Christians, is he independent enough to raise a stink over a local black man who was arrested in London for merely preaching the Bible?

Watch “#Panodrama – An Exposé of the Fake News BBC!” on YouTube

Well done #TommyRobinson – turning the tables on the main stream media and exposing “@HopenotHate” (sic) for the despicable low life they are. Interesting to see how a journalist reacts to seeing how some of their innocuous & informal comments are misused and misrepresented to paint them in a bad light. (Apparently they don’t like it!!)

(Hmmm – curiously his Facebook page & Instagram account were deleted shortly afterwards, and his book has mysteriously vanished from Amazon. Its not just been taken off sale, apparently it doesn’t even exist so you can’t even buy it 2nd hand!!! All a coincidence I’m sure.)

Shamima Begum and the myth of Islamic deradicalisation

@drjulesgomes hits the nail squarely on the head and drives it home.

In Cool Britannia, we believe in nothing except in diversity, LGBTIQ+ nooky and the venerableness of victimhood.

Deradicalisation is based on the wishful thinking of Western liberalism

I know how Anna Soubry feels

For two-and-a-half years we have been similarly libelled as Nazis, branded by everyone from Prince Charles to the Archbishop of Canterbury to broadsheet columnists as racist, xenophobic cretins whose self-destructive vote to leave the EU has resuscitated the ‘fascist tradition’ (in the archbishop’s words).

I’ve been sworn at whilst walking my children to school. A neighbour spat outside my home every time he passed. People colluded to get me out of my job. I’m referred to by the media (and others) as an ignorant/racist/nazi continuously. But now an MP who has engaged in all the pejorative name calling; an MP with nothing but contempt for democracy and the electorate; now that this MP has been heckled and called a nazi by some boorish types, it’s now I’m supposed to be appalled?

Somebody pass me the world’s smallest violin.

(For the record, I do not believe Anna Soubry to be a nazi. Even she is too sensible to support a Socialist party. However she does give all the appearance of being an entitled, anti-democratic, federalist, EU Apparatchik – it just doesn’t fit into a chant so well!)