Why No Christian Should Vote for Labour or the (il)Liberal (anti)Democrats.

Just as the Chief Rabbi has strongly cautioned the Jewish community against voting for a Labour party lead by someone with, shall we say, “anti-semitic sympathies”  (as true socialists have a proclivity to be), so this letter clearly lays out why the Bishops should warn every disciple of Christ against voting for the unbridled wickedness proposed […]

A Response to Brendan O’Neill

(Brendan O’Neill, SpikedOnline) Or, from the babies perspective… “This is the one simultaneously simple and profound reason why babies must have access to birth; because if a baby does not have dominion over their own existence then he or she is not a free person. If sentient, sane babies are made to die against their […]

Cruel Britannia

Nothing illustrates our nation’s attitudes to the value of life than the events of one week in April – a life, a death and a prohibition. This article expertly joins the dots and illustrates our schizophrenic mindset. Waste Land: Britain’s Culture of Death

Knowing what we know now, wouldn’t we go back and do everything possible to prevent the introduction of the abortion act?  This time let’s keep a lid on Pandora’s Box. Write … pray … campaign to prevent euthanasia from further advancing the nihilistic culture of death. Here’s my letter to Lord Alliance.  Go to the […]