Image from #Berkshire

This image of our national flag draped out of a window was worthy of sneering contempt by an MP of the party for the many not the few. Today, I happened to be driving my white van around a neighbourhood inhabited by A-list celebs. The picture below was just one of numerous houses I saw […]

RIP Democracy

Over 2 years ago Parliament voted overwhelmingly to enact article 50. It became UK law to leave the EU today. By statutory instrument (ie basically a piece of paper stuck on a notice board, voted on by no-one, scrutinised by no-one, voted on by no-one, but imposed by the EU) that law is cast aside. […]

An Honest Remainer

The EUs understanding of democracy summarised by one banner (from the #losersvotemarch #PeoplesVoteMarch)

I know how Anna Soubry feels

“For two-and-a-half years we have been similarly libelled as Nazis, branded by everyone from Prince Charles to the Archbishop of Canterbury to broadsheet columnists as racist, xenophobic cretins whose self-destructive vote to leave the EU has resuscitated the ‘fascist tradition’ (in the archbishop’s words).” I’ve been sworn at whilst walking my children to school. A […]

Out Of The Frying Pan Into The Fireu

Just in case you had no idea how bad it really is, read and weep… The Top 40 Horrors Lurking in the Small Print of Theresa May’s Brexit Deak (Surely even the most ardent – but honest – Remainers can see the horrors this contains, can’t you?)

The Ghost of Brexit Lost

“To those generous but deluded souls who say Mrs. Dismay ‘has done her best in a very difficult situation’, I say ‘No, she has not.’ She has done her very best for Brussels, and they are delighted. What Mrs. Dismay has done is to negate democracy.” “So, as the gruel of lily-livered capitulation is forced […]

Exit Stage Left

I’ve always believed that Corbyn is a fellow beLeaver at heart (like the amazingly articulate anti – EU advocate Tony Benn), hence his rather half-hearted involvement in the referendum. Which means we’re now in the ludicrous situation of having a fully committed Remainer (May) botching up negotiating #Brexit and a beLeaver (Corbyn) going through the […]

Brexit Morons

If you campaigned, canvassed and contributed for the UK to Remain in the EU; if you debated, debunked and defriended me on Facebook; if you ridiculed, rubbished and rebutted every argument for Leave, but now graciously accept the democratic outcome, you have my sincere respect. Thank you for engaging in democracy. It’s a very precious […]

The people vs Brexit: a very elite insurgency

An article of undiluted truth. Absolute belter by Rod Liddle, delivering a rasping condemnation of the arrogant, illiberal, condescending rabble of anti-democratic elitists bent on reversing Brexit. Particularly galling are the quotes from Anna Soubry, Paddy Ashdown, John Major and a gaggle of other “People’s Vote” (sic) advocates from pre EU-referendum result. The ones where […]