Get Out. Stay Out. Call 777.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the smoke detectors in your house shrieking and the choking smell of thick, acrid smoke. I consider the content of the attached discussions to have the same sense of urgency. Without a doubt the most important & prescient subject I’ve faced in my lifetime as a Christian – […]

Lord Save Us From the BBC

If you search for “Lent Talks 2020” – as I did the other day – seeking something suitably insightful, inspiring & edifying; something that will deepen your appreciation for & adoration of the Lord Jesus, then near the top of the results you’ll find the BBC lent talks. So far, so good. Sounds promising. Then […]

Anything But Christian: Why Millennials Leave the Church

Interesting article (via Milo, in his own inimitable style). But I’m left with as many questions as I am answers. I can’t help wondering if the problem isn’t with the Church so much as it is with the millenials themselves : spoilt, narcissistic, capricious… Or, most likely, some combination of the two. Maybe I’m just […]

Spot the Difference Competition

Everyone loves a good spot the difference competition. This one is fiendishly difficult. @cconcern, you should challenge your followers to see how many differences they can find between the video on the left and the one on the right?


I want to personally thank the shrill, screaming illiberals of the regressive, neo-Marxist left for bringing the polymath & colossus, Jordan Peterson, to my attention and the attention of the whole wide world. “The result could very well be a resurgence of a renewed Christianity in the west”. Amen – let it be so Lord. […]

Wow! What an absolutely incredible read. An awesome and awe inspiring man. Almost impossible to comprehend how he achieved all he did 300 years ago with just a horse, a pen & paper and a life utterly sold out for reaching the nation with the gospel. How he would weep if he could see what […]

Lots of awesome verses in Acts that totally challenge what I’ve come to accept as normal Christianity. Here’s one that challenges my willingness to see & seize every opportunity to share the gospel.