Cruel Britannia

Nothing illustrates our nation’s attitudes to the value of life than the events of one week in April – a life, a death and a prohibition. This article expertly joins the dots and illustrates our schizophrenic mindset. Waste Land: Britain’s Culture of Death

Martin Luther King’s Other Dream

Jesus of Nazareth.  Martin Luther King Jnr.  Ayrton Senna.  You could probably connect the first two, but what’s Senna doing there? As the world marks the 50th anniversary of MLK’s death, it brought to mind some other ‘untimely’ deaths that have caused me to to soul-search recently – and a remarkable characteristic they all seemed […]

Knowing what we know now, wouldn’t we go back and do everything possible to prevent the introduction of the abortion act?  This time let’s keep a lid on Pandora’s Box. Write … pray … campaign to prevent euthanasia from further advancing the nihilistic culture of death. Here’s my letter to Lord Alliance.  Go to the […]

Consider too what undesirable deaths occur in wartime. Men are killed in place where they knew they might be killed … One of our best weapons, contented worldliness, is rendered useless. In wartime not even a human can believe he is going to live forever. Letters from a senior devil (Screwtape) to a junior devil […]

How much better for us if ALL humans died in costly nursing homes amid doctors who lie, nurses who lie, friends who lie, … promising life to the dying, encouraging the idea that sickness excuses every indulgence … and even withholding all suggestion of a priest lest it should betray to the sick man his […]