The Brainwashing Continues

The assault on truth continues by eroding the very foundation of reasoning – coherent language. “Marriage”, “male” and “female” are the highest profile casualties. Now it’s “family” which means whatever you want it to mean. Apparently it too has no biological basis, divorced from kinship, and marriage is irrelevant. There is no normal and all […]

Hasn’t Israel Folau been punished enough?

The question in the title is rhetorical. The answer appears to be an emphatic NO. If you want to see what the modern face of fascism looks like, then read this article. When it comes to persecuting their ideological opponents, the swastika of the Gestapo is being supplanted by the rainbow of the gaystapo. No […]

Greater Manchester Police: 60% of crimes not fully investigated.

Except “hate crimes” of course. There’s always time & resources to pursue people who’ve said something “offensive” or committed secular blasphemy or made an inappropriate joke. And, don’t worry, money might be tight but there’ll always enough to put rainbow liveries on our vehicles or print glossy “hate crime” leaflets. The Great British Police Farce. […]

The diversity trap – or, why racism is always bad.

Sometimes well intentioned people (… and I’m going to be generous in assuming they are all well intentioned for I suspect some are not) make stupid mistakes. One of the biggest of these mistakes is believing that the best way to help someone win at something they normally lose at is to let them play […]

Another Christian has lost his livelihood

Daniel Davidson was an exceptional young man. Physically fit & healthy, handsome, intelligent, well read and a quick learner. He quickly rose to the highest echelons of his organisation – the most trusted adviser of the CEO. He was also a Christian. This latter point irked some people because … well, it just does. So […]