This Is Why I’m Not Afraid

I don’t know about you, but with wall-to-wall Covid19 news everywhere you go it makes me long for the good old days of Brexit!! With so much fear and anxiety filling the airwaves, let me share a really short, personal Easter message with you: DO NOT FEAR Let me give you two very good reasons […]

Lord Save Us From the BBC

If you search for “Lent Talks 2020” – as I did the other day – seeking something suitably insightful, inspiring & edifying; something that will deepen your appreciation for & adoration of the Lord Jesus, then near the top of the results you’ll find the BBC lent talks. So far, so good. Sounds promising. Then […]

Martin Luther King’s Other Dream

Jesus of Nazareth.  Martin Luther King Jnr.  Ayrton Senna.  You could probably connect the first two, but what’s Senna doing there? As the world marks the 50th anniversary of MLK’s death, it brought to mind some other ‘untimely’ deaths that have caused me to to soul-search recently – and a remarkable characteristic they all seemed […]