This is Why Leftists Use Insults & Injury

Anyone who has spent any time online trying to have reasoned or reasonable discussions with “progressive” “liberal” left-wingers soon realises that they really only have 2 weapons in their arsenal : Name calling. Their lexicon of pejoratives is ever expanding. And as each perjorative term loses its power through overuse the need to escalate the […]

Yorkshire Feminists

First saw this at the Scarecrow Trail in Kettlewell a few years ago. It’s a golden oldie, but still made me laugh when I came across it again this morning. Feminism Yorkshire style!          

Boys Dressed as Girls Run Faster Than Girls Shocker.

Sport was the last bastion of true meritocracy & egalitarianism. No longer. “Progressives” are determined to prove that it is ideology not biology that determines gender. We’ll biology still seems to have the upper hand. Two mediocre boys with a psychiatric problem can still outrun girls who have trained hard for years. Hard luck girls. […]

Jordan Peterson Meets Maajid Nawaz: The Full Interview

Once again the polymath colossus that is @jordanbpeterson lays out with crystal clarity and forensic analysis everything that is wrong with regressive, far-left’s narrative of the world – everything from the gender pay gap, gender pronouns, masculinity v feminism et al. And for once, a fair and well conducted interview. Well done Maajid Nawaz (… […]

Women’s Rights

Can someone tell me what this #womensmarch was all about? Was it about the 100,000 young girls murdered in the UK last year – by their own mothers? Because that would be worth taking to the streets about. Was it about the 5,700 reported cases of illegal FGM committed on British girls but with zero […]