The demand for bigots exceeds the supply

The promotion of the grievance industry has got to have been one of the most pernicious, socially divisive movements of my lifetime. The ever expanding snare of “hate” legislation has had exactly the opposite effect of the one intended, but precisely the effect that so many of us predicted. Rather than bringing about tolerance & […]

Greater Manchester Police: 60% of crimes not fully investigated.

Except “hate crimes” of course. There’s always time & resources to pursue people who’ve said something “offensive” or committed secular blasphemy or made an inappropriate joke. And, don’t worry, money might be tight but there’ll always enough to put rainbow liveries on our vehicles or print glossy “hate crime” leaflets. The Great British Police Farce. […]

Bad People Banned From Facebook

“Hurrah. Good riddance.” I’m sure many people will say. It’s necessary to say so in order to signal that you are one of the “good guys”, someone who only posts “love speech”. Such people are short sighted fools. You can’t defeat ideologies by cutting out the tongues who espouse them but by changing minds & […]