Spot the Difference Competition

Everyone loves a good spot the difference competition. This one is fiendishly difficult. @cconcern, you should challenge your followers to see how many differences they can find between the video on the left and the one on the right?

Borders, Bollards and Betrayal

In 37 minutes, @MarkSteynOnline summarises everything that is wrong with the world! Too many good quotes to list them all. Here’s just a few … On Afghanistan … “24 hours after the last western soldier leaves it will be as if we were never there.” “If you were a homosexual under the Taliban they’d build a […]

The strange death of Europe. Douglas Murray. Dave Rubin. Milo Yiannopoulos.  Seems like increasingly it’s gay men who are having the courage to call out the bizarre cultural suicide we are committing in the West.  Apparently, support for nationalist parties (”far right” in the Lame Stream Media parlance) is growing amongst the LGBTQWERTY community.  If […]