The Antidote to BLM BS by MLK

Rather than pursuing the divinely inspired, unifying dream of Martin Luther King, the Black Lies Lives Matter movement have unleashed a demonically possessed, divisive nightmare. In an excellent article in defence of liberalism, Douglas Murray quotes another of MLK’s lesser known dreams: Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout, “White Power!”, […]

Jordan Peterson Meets Maajid Nawaz: The Full Interview

Once again the polymath colossus that is @jordanbpeterson lays out with crystal clarity and forensic analysis everything that is wrong with regressive, far-left’s narrative of the world – everything from the gender pay gap, gender pronouns, masculinity v feminism et al. And for once, a fair and well conducted interview. Well done Maajid Nawaz (… […]


I want to personally thank the shrill, screaming illiberals of the regressive, neo-Marxist left for bringing the polymath & colossus, Jordan Peterson, to my attention and the attention of the whole wide world. “The result could very well be a resurgence of a renewed Christianity in the west”. Amen – let it be so Lord. […]

The Mark Steyn Show with Jordan Peterson

The incredible, vanishing #FREE SPEECH  “If you don’t have free speech you can’t even address all those other [important] issues -which is exactly they want it. … Increasingly there is an ‘official position’ and if you disagree with that ‘official position’ people will come after you, they will ruin your life, they will end your career, […]