Fake News Media Has Been Thunderstruck.

With a UK General Election next week, and absolutely no one I can vote for, how I wish we had a Trump. So here’s a video to brighten every conservative’s (small ‘c’) day. “Their agenda is not your agenda.” — President Donald J. Trump (And if you want more, here’s another great fan-created campaign video from […]

Some incredible speeches coming out of CPAC.  Brennan & Priebus – exciting & motivating.  Kellyanne Conway – uplifting & encouraging.  But stealing the show for me VP Mike Pence – Wow.  Iinspiring, motivating, auspicious . Can you imagine if we had conservative party speaker (or any party) like this in the UK? “We need your […]


Won the nomination Won the election Won the recounts (with increased majority!!!) Won the electoral college (by an increased majority, when appeals for voters to rebel back-fired – and more rebelled against Hilary then Donald!!!) Won bigger share of the Latino votes than Romney in 2012 Won bigger share of young peoples votes than Romney […]


Re-post this? Oh, well if you insist. Just for today.  MAGA