The Brainwashing Continues

The assault on truth continues by eroding the very foundation of reasoning – coherent language. “Marriage”, “male” and “female” are the highest profile casualties. Now it’s “family” which means whatever you want it to mean. Apparently it too has no biological basis, divorced from kinship, and marriage is irrelevant. There is no normal and all […]

Tying the (Tautological) Knot

[Given this news: “Civil partnerships: First mixed-sex unions take place“, thought I would re-publish this post, originally posted 18/10/2017] This article illustrates wonderfully the inequality that “equal marriage” has created, and the tautological nonsense that has ensued. When marriage was divorced from the biological reality of a reproductive sexual union of a male and a […]

Divorceophobia – A Load of Old Bolsheviks.

Not a lot of people know that in the Russian revolution 100 years ago, one of Lenin’s key agendas was the abolition of the family. He set about this in several ways: first he introduced “marriage equality” – making registered & unregistered marriages ‘equal’. (sound familiar?). Then he separated child rearing from marriage by removing […]

IMDb: The Theory of Everything

Wow. WOW. What an incredible film. And possibly the most sublime acting performance I’ve ever seen (maybe Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man is on a par). Eddie Redmayne deserves every accolade going. And I’m new-man enough to admit to getting moist eyes at points! Very challenging to see his wife’s fidelity to her Christian faith […]

Black Dads Matter

Of all the 100’s of hours of interviews he’s conducted, Dave Rubin cites this 8 minutes as one of his most significant epiphanies. Larry Elder comprehensively blows to smithereens the whole victim mentality of “institutional racism” as we like to call it in the UK. But the most significant part kicks in at the 6’00 […]