Fake News Media Has Been Thunderstruck.

With a UK General Election next week, and absolutely no one I can vote for, how I wish we had a Trump. So here’s a video to brighten every conservative’s (small ‘c’) day. “Their agenda is not your agenda.” — President Donald J. Trump (And if you want more, here’s another great fan-created campaign video from […]

Why You Don’t See Hamas Firing Rockets on TV

From the Facebook page of Israeli filmmaker Michael Grynszpan: “I met today with a Spanish journalist who just came back from Gaza.I asked him how comes we never see on television channels reporting from Gaza any Hamas people, no gunmen, no rocket launcher, no policemen… He answered me frankly…” Why You Don’t See Hamas Firing […]

How to help your child with his/her media addiction. I’m sure it’s not just me who needs to hear this (Thanks Minecraft!!) We’ve found this app very useful. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)