Anything But Christian: Why Millennials Leave the Church

Interesting article (via Milo, in his own inimitable style). But I’m left with as many questions as I am answers. I can’t help wondering if the problem isn’t with the Church so much as it is with the millenials themselves : spoilt, narcissistic, capricious… Or, most likely, some combination of the two. Maybe I’m just […]

Why I’ll be at the #DayForFreedom Rally

I’m a Christian, conservative (small ‘c’) non-conformist. What’s not to like about me?! Well, everything if you’re a “liberal”, “progressive”, apparatchik. Apparently my views are so dangerous they even present a safeguarding risk to children. I need to be silenced. I had prepared a beautifully crafted post about some of the middle-England, middle-class mini-maelstroms I’ve […]