One year on: To see art I need to go to an art gallery. There’s nowhere near as much “body art” – and what there is seems to be discreetly hidden away. The phrase “I’m getting some more ink” is more likely to mean “I’m going to Ryman stores to buy some ink”.  If I want to know […]

One year on: Being married (and to the mother of your own children) isn’t such a rare or remarkable thing.  It’s now much more of the rule than the exception.

One year on: In the past year I haven’t once heard the sound of a police siren within my own community – literally, not once.  We leave our bikes unlocked in the garden and even outside the shops.

One year on: This was my penultimate photograph in Bradford (my final one will feature another day!). It’s what I discovered outside our house the day we moved.  It wasn’t a rare sight. Seeing residents in the flats opposite open their patio doors and fling out their soiled nappies was one of the many things […]

One year on: There’s definitely a lot more blue sky in Oxfordshire! It’s generally a whole lot warmer, a whole lot longer. And there’s a lot less rain and no snow (the minuscule covering we had one morning doesn’t even count!)