The problem with gay surrogacy

Well this article will go down like a lead balloon with everyone who is keen to parade their Pride credentials or covets a Stonewall accolade.

We all know that “putting the best interests of the children first” is the right thing to say. But the children won’t kick up a fuss if you don’t – after all, they don’t know any different. So when it comes to a choice between the children’s best interests or being brandished a homophobe, Islamaphobe or bigot we all know that the “best interests of the child” take a distant 2nd, 3rd or 4th place with most place self-respecting, self-preserving adults and professionals.

How dare anyone even write such an article?


The dystopia of the child-protection industry | Child abuse panic

The State is almost always the worst provider of everything. It is demonstrably the worst ‘parent’ a child can have. So this report is terrifying – all the more so when you consider the efforts of the Scottish government to introduce the Named Person scheme and its de facto assumption that natural parents were just surrogates for the state. Thank God for those who successfully opposed it.

There is already a huge problem in the UK with over-intervention into family life. A recent study found that 22.5 per cent of children born in the 2009/2010 financial year were referred to social services before their 5th birthday..

Everyone was up in arms recently at children being separated from parents at the US border. Yet the same thing is happening in other countries, too